Gloria In Eggshellses


a two person show with Mia Leijonstedt

at the Denis Collins Gallery, Wexford Quay, Opera Festival 2013.

Mia Leijonstedt and I studied calligraphy and bookbinding together in London where we shared a desk. Some years later we lost touch. Last year we reconnected. We decided to celebrate our mutual pleasure at this reconnection with an exhibition which Denis Collins agreed to host; the title 'Reconnection' seemed most apt for our show.

Mia and I agreed that we would each work on a 'blind collaboration' as living in different countries made a collaboration unworkable. A blind collaboration is one where we each send the other an item or portion of a piece and the other incorporates it into a new piece without consultation.

Taking the title Reconnection I decided to reconnect with my family history in the Linen Relics series and with images for the States of Mind series which have waited some years to be realised.

The Linen Relics series grew from a need to make some veneration of my maternal Ulster family, these are in fact Relics both of the linen and of those who used it. My mother's paternal grandparents, Peter Dowd and Isabella Girven both worked in a Mill in Belfast where he oversaw the preparing of threads for weaving into linen cloth. My mother's maternal great grandmother, known as Grandmama O'Hara, wove linen in her farmhouse and used it in all aspects of her life including for bandages and healing.

The States of Mind series celebrates what we all do - we're walking along looking perfectly normal from the outside but our minds are far away. Each year I work with my W.I.T. Design students on colour theory and long to get my own hands multicoloured; the stencils are a perfect opportunity to do just that. Each one is a series of six plus the one in the book, the stencils themselves are shown here too so that more cannot be made.

States of Mind series consists of five stencil prints shown here; each of the five has a further five prints in very different colourways.

  1. 1)Headland 1/6

  2. 2)Nature 1/6

  3. 3)Puzzle 1/6

  4. 4)Marine 1/6

  5. 5)Wool-gatherer 1/6

States of Mind book containing an artist's proof of each of the five stencil prints.

2. Nature 1/6

1. Headland 1/6

3. Puzzle 1/6

4. Marine 1/6

5. Wool-gatherer1/6

States of Mind:

the five stencil-cuts.

  1. 6)Headland

  2. 7)Nature

  3. 8)Puzzle

  4. 9)Marine

10) Wool-gatherer

6. Headland

8. Puzzle

7. Nature

9. Marine

10. Wool-gatherer

Linen Relics series

12) Linen Blue

13) Linen Red

14) Linen Green

15) Linen Yellow

16) Linen Brown

17) Blind Collaboration: Mia sent the stone which resulted in this piece called "the stone of friendship sits lightly upon our experiences, colouring our vision'.

12. Linen Blue

13. Linen Red

16. Linen Brown

15. Linen Yellow

14. Linen Green


BRAVURA Exhibition at

Blue Egg Gallery, John’s Gate Street, Wexford

During Wexford Opera Festival 2012

This new collection, ‘Gloria In Eggshellses’ by Reiltín Murphy, takes the egg for its inspiration. The egg as a container is a source of new life, blessings, memories and reflection. The works contain egg shell, 22 carat gold leaf and mixed media. Some are framed and others are housed in found boxes. The calligraphic content ranges from Irish script to an invented alphabet to the ancient Phoenecian early version of our own alphabet. The inspiration behind each piece is reflected in the style of writing. The egg shells involved are from Wexford hens; even the ostrich egg was laid in Wexford!